Frequent Asked Real Estate Questions in Hayward, Ca

Rodil San Mateo and I discussing often asked real estate questions like:

-What is the market doing in Hayward
-What can I do to get a lower interest rate
-When I buy a home, what items mus the seller include in the home
-What is the seller legally required to tell me about the home when I buy
-How should I prepare financially if I want to buy a home in the near future
-Top 5 home repairs or improvements that add value to a home sale

Hayward Real Estate Market Update 8/1/18

Coming soon inventory

31966 Albany St
30699 Carroll Ave
775 Muirfield Ct

4636 Serra Ave

If you have questions about these listings please leave a comment or direct message me.

Hayward Market Update

130 SFRs on the market ranging from

47 condo/townhomes for sale ranging from

Inventory has increased and Moe opportunities for buyers as we enter August.

Hayward Real Estate/Lot For Sale

33 Canyon Drive
Hayward, Ca 94541

This beautiful lot with plans for a 4 bed 3 1/2 bath home is for sale. Plans call for a home between 2,550-3,150 interior living area depending on final layout. Plans are for a large main floor with a cathedral beamed great room & separate large bedroom and bathroom. The plans also call for large decks all around to take in the views and a covered outdoor patio with fireplace.

Feng Shui: Activating the “Wealth” section

greggie studio

My real estate business partner Greg Jones is someone who happens to be married to me. He has a new “hobby” which he as turned into a business (Jones Art Works) complete with a business license, website, and a whole slew of paying customers already. Naturally, this takes him away from our real estate business, especially right now in the beginning of his new endeavor.

What does this mean for me?

I’ll tell you. It means that after a long day negotiating contracts, setting up our property listing promotions, meeting with clients and fellow agents, attending real estate marketing meetings, continuously learning and honing my skills and knowledge, exhausting myself showing or previewing properties, you bet I expect the dog poop to all be picked up when I come home! I also expect dinner on the table!

Instead of being an adult, however, I’ll go outside and pick up several piles of dog poop and come back in the house bragging (or, er, complaining) about how many piles I found, rather than simply just telling my dear husband that I wish I could come home to a clean poopless yard since after all, he’s been HOME ALL DAY to get it done.

Anyone out there sympathize with me?

Now to the topic at hand. The photo shown here is a corner bedroom on the lower level of our home, in what’s referred to as the “wealth” section, for those of you who are familiar with the basic concepts of feng shui. (I’m half Chinese but that doesn’t mean I know squat about feng shui, other than how to pronounce it.) Anyway, the guest bedroom was recently used as a “storage” room for all our extra crap. Boxes of old stuff we haven’t looked through in years, old furniture from when I was ten years old and Greg’s grandmother’s old furniture passed down to him, a new-ish rocking chair my mom bought for me because she wished I gave her grandchildren, framed artwork from family passed down, and other artwork from the 1980s that are completely out of style now, etc.

This former guest bedroom’s carpets have been torn up, the floor painted light blue, and is now complete with a pottery wheel, shop lights, damp storage, new sliding glass doors to the deck, and even a shop dog named Rufus the Dufus. The kiln is upstairs in the garage, installed after an electrician came in and added extra power. (That kiln goes up to more than 2000 degrees. Yikes!)

Activating the wealth section of our home has indeed added to the richness of our lives…

Next month: How changing doors in a decaying part of our home has enhanced our lives.

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